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Corolla Sedan Hybrid Owner's Manual (Sept 22 - Jul 23)

Toyota Australia provides a viewable (non-printable) version of the vehicle owners manuals. These owner manuals contain the information and necessary steps to assist Toyota vehicle owners with operating features of their vehicle.

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Sep 2022- Current
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Nov 1, 2022


The purpose of this publication is to assist qualified motor mechanics who have appropriate technical skills and certifications relevant to the subject matter the publication deals with. This publication assumes certain technical knowledge and mechanical skills and experience. It is not suitable for people who are not trained or qualified in the subject matter it deals with. If you do not have the appropriate qualifications and skills, or if you do not have access to appropriate tools and equipment, you may injure yourself or others around you and/or you may cause damage to the vehicle you are working on, including making it unsafe. Users of this publication must:

  • Read all content thoroughly. It is especially important to have a good understanding of all the contents shown in the PRECAUTION of INTRODUCTION through 'Repair Index'.
  • Use only the tools specified and recommended in this publication.
  • If part replacement is necessary replace the part with the same part number or equivalent part. DO NOT replace it with a part of inferior quality.
  • Carefully observe all 'Cautions' and 'Notices' to reduce the risk of personal injury during service or repair, or the possibility that improper service or repair may damage the vehicle or render it unsafe.
  • Understand that the 'Cautions' and 'Notices' in this publication are not exhaustive because it is impossible to warn of all possible hazardous consequences that might result from failure to follow the instructions in this publication. You must carry out your own risk assessments as you work.

Toyota Australia disclaims and excludes any and all liability which may arise because a user of this publication fails to follow directions in the publication.

All information in this publication is based on the latest product information at the time of release. However, specifications and procedures are subject to change without notice.

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