Service Information & Repair Manuals

Service Information and Repair Manuals

Genuine Awareness

Repairers and consumers are being urged to exercise caution if parts and accessories are sourced outside of Toyota Australia's authorised Dealership network, for repairs and/or services.

Toyota Australia's dedicated Market Protection Team has uncovered hundreds of cases of Toyota branded automotive parts and accessories being sold to unsuspecting buyers through online marketplaces and Australian businesses.

In 2022, Toyota Australia successfully investigated and took legal action against more than 100 cases of fake and unsafe parts and accessories being sold as 'Toyota Genuine'.


Counterfeit Toyota Parts and Accessories identified by Toyota Australia's Market Protection Team.

Types of products that do not come with Toyota Australia's parts and accessories warranty:

  • Aftermarket Parts: Parts manufactured and branded by a company other than Toyota.
  • Salvaged Parts: Parts that have been damaged or stressed in an accident.
  • Parallel or Grey imports (Parallel Parts): Parallel or Grey import products are Toyota branded parts distributed outside of Toyota Australia's authorised supply chain. As Parallel parts are sourced outside formal distribution channels, they may not be subject to the inspection, transit or quality controls of Toyota Australia. Toyota Australia may not guarantee the quality of parallel imported parts or accessories, as a result this may leave potential customers vulnerable to the risk of purchasing a defective or counterfeit part.
  • Counterfeit parts: Counterfeit parts are not manufactured by Toyota. These fake products often bear Toyota's trade marks, logos and often come in imitation packaging. Counterfeit parts and accessories are often made from inferior quality materials, creating safety risks to passengers, pedestrians and to the vehicle itself.

Reporting Suspicious Activity

If you have concerns about the authenticity of any Toyota parts that you have purchased or seen advertised, please email Toyota Australia's Market Protection Team at


Counterfeit 'Toyota' Oil Filter including packaging


Counterfeit 'Toyota' Spark Plugs including packaging.

Genuine vs non-genuine

Toyota Australia recommends that Toyota Genuine Parts and Accessories are sourced directly from Toyota Dealerships for repairs and services.

What are Toyota Genuine Parts?

Toyota Genuine Parts are spare parts available from Toyota Australia's Dealership Network for repair and maintenance of Toyota vehicles.

Toyota devotes significant financial, technical and human resources to develop Toyota Genuine Parts and Accessories that offer optimal performance, durability and safety to customer

Each Toyota Genuine Part and Accessory fits and meets the high-quality standards synonymous with the Toyota brand.

When Toyota Genuine Parts and Accessories are sourced through Toyota Australia's Dealership Network, you benefit from Toyota Australia's controlled supply and distribution chain. These benefits include:

  • Parts approved for installation: You will only receive parts that meet Australian regulations that are specified for use on vehicles designed for the Australian market.
  • Current stock: Toyota Australia monitors and rotates the stock of perishable products to ensure strict quality standards are met at the time of sale.
  • Properly stored and handled: Some Toyota Genuine Parts require special storage and handling. Toyota Australia's distribution network is designed to ensure all climate, safety and temperature conditions necessary to preserve the quality of all Toyota Genuine Parts.
  • Warranty*: Toyota Australia's warranty covers only Toyota Genuine Parts that are sold through Toyota Australia's Dealer Network. Any Toyota parts sourced outside Toyota Australia's Dealer Network are not covered under Toyota Australia's warranty.

Toyota Genuine Air Filter (left) vs Counterfeit Air Filter (right)


Counterfeit Grille (top) vs Toyota Genuine Grille (bottom)

Risks of using non-genuine parts and accessories in collision

  1. Overall Body Structure: Toyota vehicles are constructed using metals with specific properties, thicknesses and design characteristics, built to perform in a consistent way during a collision event. The use of non-genuine parts can compromise overall crashworthiness and occupant safety in a subsequent collision.
  2. Supplementary Restraint System (SRS) Components: Toyota vehicles are equipped with SRS components, including, airbags, seatbelt pretensioners, and safety sensors (such as Toyota Safety Sense) which are designed to help protect vehicle occupants from injury in the event of a collision. The installation of non-genuine parts could alter the performance of SRS components. This could result in improper operation and injury to occupants.
  3. Exterior Sheet Metal Parts: Exterior sheet metal components are often described as 'Cosmetic Parts'. However, these parts are designed and tested as part of the overall vehicle and help send impact energy signals to the SRS sensors. Non-genuine parts may not be crash tested to verify compliance with these standards.
  4. Recycled Structural Parts: Toyota Australia does not recommend the re-use of structural components that have been removed from a salvage vehicle. Although recycled parts may appear equivalent, it can be difficult to identify if a salvaged part has received collateral damage because of a prior collision or if the part has been subject to extreme weathering, corrosion or other detrimental environmental exposure. Furthermore, removing welded parts from a donor or salvaged vehicle, can compromise the structural integrity of the parts if reused.


*Toyota Genuine Parts/Accessories purchased at & fitted to a Toyota vehicle by a Toyota dealer are warranted for the remainder of that vehicle's Toyota Warranty Advantage period, or 2yrs from installation (whichever is greater). Genuine Parts/Accessories purchased from, but not fitted by, a Toyota dealer are warranted for 2yrs from date of purchase. See for T&Cs. Failure or defect arising in any Toyota vehicle, Genuine Part or Accessory caused by fitment of a non Genuine

Part/Accessory or faulty work performed by a non-authorised Toyota service technician is not covered by this warranty. This warranty does not limit & may not necessarily exceed your rights under the Australian Consumer Law.

Distributed nationally (other than in Western Australia) by Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Limited ABN 64 009 686 097. Material distributed in Western Australia by or on behalf of Prestige Motors Pty Ltd (for vehicles) and by Eastpoint Pty Ltd (for parts/ accessories). Toyota Australia makes no warranties regarding (and will not be liable for) accuracy of materials distributed in Western Australia.